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Stretch & Soar


Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Workshops can be 1 hour, ½ day, full day, or overnight retreats.

Please contact me directly to schedule workshops or speaking engagements so that we can customize a workshop to suit your specific group and time frame.

Writing Your Own Life Story

You are the author of your life story! A workshop focused on creating and living out your life story by the choices and decisions you make daily.

Your Legacy Matters

A workshop that will guide you through writing your Ethical Will. This will is not a legal document but an expression of what truly matters most in your life. It is what you want to share most with the people you love most–your values, your life lessons, your hopes, dreams and blessings.

“Who Am I, What Am I Doing and Where Am I Going”

Sometimes we just need to focus in on life at the moment and reassess where we are and what we want next. It won’t take long to re-discover or uncover what next steps you want to take to get MORE out of your life. Group activities will include Values Clarification, Wheel of Life and other activities.

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

A hands-on workshop that will guide the participants through the process of creating a unique Vision Board: a visual representation of each person’s unique goals and dreams.

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