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Stretch & Soar

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is a wonderful affordable option for women who want the benefits of coaching while collaborating with others who share a similar goal.

Benefits of Group Coaching

  • You learn from the insights, reflections, and challenges of other group members.
  • You have group accountability and a network of support while working on personal goals.
  • You will have the collective brainstorming and resources that come from the group process.
  • You will celebrate with others.
  • You will share the expense of coaching fees with the group making this a terrific low cost investment in yourself.

How does Group Coaching work?

  • Group Coaching looks different depending on the group, topic, or purpose of the group.
  • The Coach will meet or talk with each group member before the first meeting and often the group coaching fee includes one individual coaching session for each member.
  • Groups may meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on the group.
  • The participants may have reading, homework or other assignments for the week.
  • The coach may prepare and facilitate a learning/educational time at the meeting.
  • The group sets the agenda and the coach will facilitate the process using questions and insights gleaned from discussion
  • Participates commit to follow through on action steps between group meetings.

Group Topics

The beauty of group coaching is found in the diversity, complexity, and uniqueness that comprises every gathering of people. Together we can find as many group topics as there are new people to discover. The list below contains a few of the groups that I am well qualified and experienced to lead. Please come to me for any specific ideas for topics you would like and I would be happy to create a customzied group

Facing your Fears

Fears are crippling and keep us from reaching our goals and full potential. Explore your fear(s) and how they are holding you back. Then learn techniques to look them in the face and transform your fear into power.

Writing Your Own Story

We are each the author of the story we call life. You are the main character in this unique story that unfolds every day with characters, plots, conflict and resolution. This means you have choices in how to write/live your story. Explore the new chapters you want to write, the places you would like to ‘edit’ and the chapters that you’d like to rewrite. Every day brings the opportunity to ‘write/live’ anew sentence and you can start this very day!

Coaching Groups for Health and Wellness

Topics in this group include, but are not limited to, managing stress, weight loss, time management, how to start and maintain an exercise program, building self motivation and confidence, nutrition and other lifestyle changes. SMART goals and accountability are built into the weekly group process to maximize success.

College Success

You are so much more than your grades! Identify and honor your values, strengths and passions; then discover your learning style, communication style and what motivates you. With this understanding and knowledge you will better navigate the challenges, avoid the pitfalls, and manage the stress that comes with college life.

Stretch and Soar in the Empty Nest

“You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream”
Empty nest parents often face many new challenges, such as establishing a different kind of relationship with their children, having to find other ways to occupy their free time, and reconnecting with their spouses in a whole new way. With coaching, empty nesters will be empowered to identify goals, develop a plan and stay accountable to the vision they create for this time of transition.

Freedom and Fun in Midlife and Beyond

The midlife and/or retirement years can be some of the most daunting, yet fulfilling and creative, times in a person’s life. Explore your creative side, cultivate new dreams and pursue new passions with a group of like-minded folks who are navigating the same new territory.

Betrayal and Beyond

Affairs are intensely painful and throw people from all walks into the crisis of infidelity. It is the ultimate betrayal and leads people to question every aspect of their very being. Coaching for Betrayal and Beyond assumes that a person is at a point in their lives where they are ready to move forward with their lives (with or without their spouse). Individual or group coaching will help the betrayed move toward goals and develop a plan to achieve those goals.

Who am I and Where I am Going?

Sometimes we just need to focus in on life at the moment and reassess where we are and what we want next. It won’t take long to re-discover or uncover what next steps you want to take to get MORE out of your life. Group activities will include Values Clarification, Wheel of Life and other activities.