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Stretch & Soar

About Me

Getting to know me

Hi!  I’m Rebecca and live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina with my husband of 22 years, 3 dogs and 2 rabbits. I entered the ‘empty nest’ last year after homeschooling two incredible sons for 20 years.

I recognize and celebrate, with immense gratitude, the advantages I’ve been afforded by simply being born a woman!  The best gift ever was the opportunity to co-create the 2 miracles I have in my sons, and the chance to engage in the never-ending process of discovering and rediscovering who I am through the process of motherhood and marriage. I’m also a daughter, sister, aunt and friend to some talented, intelligent, caring women (and a few good men:)

After ‘graduating’ both sons from Lile Academy Home School, my husband and I have been adjusting to our new life as empty nesters. After years of teaching, counseling, and ministry, I decided to return to school to become a certified life coach. This blends what I believe are the best of my skills, education and personal experience with my deep desire to help all woman create a life they love waking up to each day.

If you really want to know me, you have to know what I value the most, how I spend my time and what I believe in.

Here are my 6 values:  Faith, Relationships, Health, Gratitude, Creativity, Integrity

A few of my favorite things

Running,  travelling, hiking, playing games and celebrating life with my family and friend;   a book I can’t put down;   quiet time with a really good cup of coffee and homemade bread;   art, both creating and appreciating;     watching my youngest son run and my oldest son swim  (from clean air to chlorine);   music,  Sunday mornings at church;  creating new recipes; musicals; public transit

I believe

I believe we all have a purpose and a need to feel relevant, to feel loved, to feel like we make a difference. I also believe we all feel stuck at times and need some course correction when we stray off the path or feel we’ve been pushed off the path we call life. I’m here to help you get on and stay of the course you choose for yourself!

Now, for the facts and credentials


B.A. Sociology, Birmingham-Southern College

Masters, Counseling, University of KY

Masters, Divinity, Consecrated Diaconal Minister, United Methodist Church, Emory/Chandler School of Theology

Professional Life Coach Certification, Christian Coach InstituteCharlotte N.C.


Youth Director, Program Director (various United Methodist Churches)

Substance Abuse / Eating Disorders Counselor

Business Owner

Home School Teacher

Personal Life Experience

Love / joy / betrayal / grace / abuse / contentment / peace / prayer / healing / forgiveness